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I use skype every day and have found it to be really reliable and a good replacement for the regular land line phone. When I get home I forward my cell phone to my skype number and turn it off.

Michelle has her own seperate Skype-In & Skype-Out so she can make calls on her computer. If a call comes in on my number I can transfer the call to her on her computer like we were on an office phone system. And if she doesn't answer the call transfers back to me. Pretty cool.

You get unlimited long distance in the US & Canada. By unlimited they say 10,000 minutes.

I also use Skype to record all the conference calls that I post. It makes it really easy to record conference calls.

For $3/month you can't beat the price. You can even save a few bucks by buying a year for $29.50. You just need a good headset and you're good to go. If you are using a desktop I would recommend getting a USB Headset. If you are using a laptop you can use eithe ra USB or regular headset.

Skype to skype calls are always free and you can do video calls skype to skype for free!

PLANTRONICS .Audio 655 Circumaural Stereo Headset

PLANTRONICS .Audio 655 Circumaural Stereo Headset


Newegg is my favorite place to buy computer stuff. All my computer parts have come from Newegg in the last 6 years or so. I find them to have a good selection and their shipping is outstanding. The products always arive before you think they will. So don't ever pay for overnight or two day shipping unless you just have to have it for sure. I've always been extremly impressed with their service and can not recommend Newegg enough.

Basically when I'm looking for a Tech product I look at Newegg first to see if they have it.

And if you are looking for a Tech product and need advice be sure to Contact Me and I'll be glad to help you.

I specifically put a link in to the Apple iPod because I just love my iPod and don't go anywhere without it. It's really great to listen to all of Bob's Cds and all the conference calls from


B&H Photo

Are you looking for a Camera of any kind or anything relating to photography?

Then B&H is the place to go. You really have to be careful about purchasing camera equipment from New York because so many of those places will take advantage of you. If you find a price that is just too good to be true, then it probably isn't. Check B&H and get the best price from an honest retailer.

I've done business with B&H for over 25 years and well I've spent more $$ with B&H than I would like to admit. One of my favorite lenses is over $9k. And yep, I ordered it online through B&H. Did I mention that I was also a professional photographer?

B&H has much more than just photo gear. Feel comfortable that you are buying from a good company and getting a good price as well.

Oh, one tip. When buying camera equipment there is such a thing as "grey market" equipment. This equipment is fine and there is absolutly nothing wrong with it. However, it generally doesn't come with a USA warranty. B&H will sell you both, but they clearly distinguish between the two products. I'm partial to Nikon and Nikon USA will not fix any camera that doesn't have a USA warranty. So if you buy grey market you are out of luck if it breaks. But that doesn't mean you can't get it service generally. There are places to get stuff fixed. My rule of thumb is I look at what it costs and what it is. A flash I would buy grey market. Lenses under $500 I generally buy grey market. Digital cameras over $1,000 nope, you want to buy USA warranty versions. This is where those disreputable places in New York get you. They will sell you grey market stuff without you knowing it. B&H won't do that to you.

ESet Smart Security & Virus Scanning Software. I have to admit that while I'm a computer person I just never would run any antivirus software because it always got in my way and slowed down my computer. Eset is the first program I've found that works extremely well and doesn't interfere with my computer in any way.
ESET - Download NOD32 Here!