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How to put the Audio Product Guide website on your Shaklee PWS


This video will show you how to edit your PWS and add a link to the audio product guide. Click here to get the code you need to copy into your PWS. Click here to see what your PWS will look like after you add this page.

If you don't know about the Better Health In 31 Days website that plays the "Walk Through The Product Guide" audio click here to see a demo. This website is included in the subscription and available only to subscribers. You can subscribe to by clicking here.

To enlarge the video click on the button between the volume control and the video time.


Free Shaklee Websites

You can view the Free websites at:

I will have download links here soon. In the mean time contact me if you want the sites.

The product guide site code is free, but you do need to be a subscriber of to use the "Walk Through The Product Guide" audio file.

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