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I'm Chris Spell and I have been in IT for over 20 years. I first got on the Internet in the mid to late 1980's before most people knew what it was or that it even existed. In the early 1990's when the web was in its infancy I setup the first web server at UNC Wilmington in the Computer Science Department. I graduated from UNC Wilmington with a BS in Computer Science with an emphasis on Operating Systems and was hired by the Computer Science Department to be the Computer Consultant for the Department.

In the mid 1990's I along with a partner started an Internet Service Provider business to provide affordable Internet access to everyone we could in southeastern North Carolina. I was the sole technical person behind the business who designed and implemented the infrastructure. When we sold the company several years later we were the largest ISP in SE NC.

Since then I've mostly done computer consulting at various different places. In 2003 my wife Michelle and I started our Shaklee business.

Michelle is also a computer person and has a degree in computers and she'll be helping as we get busier. Right now she's concentrating on our Shaklee business.

We're so thankful that we found Shaklee for so many reasons. Michelle and I have been married for almost 13 years now and while I think she always wanted kids I never really did. Our health improved so much over the years with Shaklee and we know how good the products are, of course, and what they can do for you, so I changed my mind somewhere along the way and Samantha was born last October (2008). She's a Shaklee baby from the get go. Michelle took nothing but Shaklee before, during, and of course after she was born. Samantha was born so healthy it was just amazing and she is so much ahead on all the development milestones. She's going to keep us running.

So between what we are doing with Shaklee and what we are doing to help other Shaklee people with this website we are able to stay home with her and I just can't imagine leaving her for a regular "job" and missing a minute of time with her.

Michelle and Samantha

Michelle & Samantha